Smart Shopping for A New Stacked Washer Dryer in 2012

Part of your planning for buying any washer/dryer combo, scope out where it’s going to be and the needs of your family. If space is limited at home, consider a washer and dryer that are stacked. Since the variety is pretty wide and large, proper investigation is needed so you get what you want. If you need a stacked set of washer and dryer in 2012, read about the following choices you can find.

The LG 2.7 CF Combo Washer Dryer is a good choice for someone who wants to be able to do their laundry with a single machine. If you’re wondering about enough cycles to choose from, then maybe the combo 9 wash cycles and 6 drying will be sufficient. With most machines, you have to vent to the outside but not with the LG 2.7. But you’ll need to be prepared to wait for your clothes to dry which is a negative. This cannot be helped due to the absence of a vent, so one cannot really say it’s a design flaw. If you have a family, then you’ll want to be sure this type of machine setup can easily take care of what needs to be washed. You don’t want to discover later that the washer drum looks pretty small. If you cannot figure this out on your own, then simply get the help of knowledgeable sale staff to help you out. So you can save both on power as well as water usage, and this is the good thing about modern designs.

A smart choice for your home and space may be stacked washer dryer, and that’s understandable for lots of reasons. Having no room for full size washers and dryers may be an inconvenient fact, so you do what you have to do. They also tend to cost less than buying a traditional washer and dryer, however, in exchange for this, you are sacrificing a certain amount of options. Comparison shopping for stacked washer dryers will show you what you can find on the market. So do what you need to do so you can just get it over with because this sort of thing is undoubtedly not fun. One thing about stacked washer dryers is they are in abundance with many manufacturers getting involved. These are great for apartments and homes with limited space for them, and that’s why they are so popular. Once you get it home, be sure you know how to install it or pay someone who does know.
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